Military Sex Crimes

Get a Military Criminal Defense Lawyer on Your Side

The Department of Defense is spending millions of dollars on the aggressive prosecution of sex crime related offenses throughout the military. The military defense attorneys at MJI is composed of attorneys with extensive experience working with our military armed forces personnel in not only training their legal professionals, but working alongside uniformed counsel to provide you with a top notch legal defense in the complicated area of sexual assault crimes.

Our military criminal defense attorneys have written articles on legal procedures and taught classes and seminars regarding military law for all branches of the military. Our expertise in this area is well recognized and the results that we produce for our clients are exceptional.

Powerful Defense for Your Case

Courtroom Experience is everything. Sex crimes defense requires specific defense strategies related to these types of crimes backed by extensive investigation and trial preparation. This is not an area for an attorney with little to no experience. We prepare every case to win at the trial level.

Our team approach begins with assembling the right defense team. Our client's cases are led by a top sex crime military defense attorney with proven experience in the courtroom and a track record of exceptional results in this area. Depending on the charge, the team will also include forensic detectives, DNA experts, psychologists, private investigators and always an experienced lead military defense counsel familiar with the procedures and politics of your Command and the UCMJ system.

A thorough investigation of your case is where our team starts. It is quite common for our investigative team to produce evidence that exonerates our clients without the need for a trial. Our investigators often uncover exculpatory evidence regarding the alleged victim and government witnesses that many times were unknown to the prosecutor handling the case. If a trial is needed, our client's cases are handled by a lead trial attorney who is one of our highly experienced military defense attorneys who ensures the entire trial team will aggressively fight for our clients without being tied to the local politics or influences of a particular community.

For effective, aggressive and excellent military defense representation, contact Military Justice International today! Early intervention is critical to obtaining the best results.