Courts Martial Appeals

Why You Need a Military Criminal Defense Lawyer

Any time military personnel are convicted in any type of Court Martial, they may feel their conviction was unjust and wish to appeal the decision. A Courts Martial Appeal, or a request for clemency, is allowed by submitting their case to the convening authority, normally the officer who had the court martial initially. The case may then be submitted for review to the Court of Criminal Appeals for each branch of the military convened (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard).

The Appeals Court will review the issues regarding the facts and the law as it pertains to that particular case for any legal errors or incorrect sentencing. A further appeal can be submitted to the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, however only certain cases are accepted for review. If you have been unjustly convicted in a Court Martial and wish to appeal your case, you have the right to have a military court-appointed attorney for your appeal.

You also have the right to retain the services of a civilian military criminal defense attorney for your appeal. It is best not to count on the appellate process without having a strong and aggressive defense attorney by your side. Your court-appointed military attorney may be inexperienced and have little to no experience in an appeals setting.

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