Military Criminal Defense Attorney for General Courts Martial

What are the ramifications of a General Courts Martial?

A court martial in the United States is defined as a criminal trial conducted by the U.S. military. A courts martial is convened to try members of the military for violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. In less known instances, a courts martial can also be used for enforcement of martial law in occupied territory or for military tribunals. Courts martial have strict rules of procedure and evidence which are listed in the Manual for Courts Martial and Military Rules of Evidence.

A General Court Martial is the most serious of the three types of courts martial. It normally is not convened until an Article 32 investigation of the charges is conducted first. As this is a very serious situation, if you are under investigation, it would behoove you to immediately contact a military criminal defense lawyer prior to your Article 32 investigation. Although you are provided free appointed military representation, obtaining a civilian counsel from our highly experienced firm would ensure a professional and skilled defense on your behalf.

International Military Criminal Defense Lawyers

Military General Courts Martial are complex and require a high degree of legal skill. A certified military judge presides over the court martial. The person accused may choose to be tried by officers or enlisted members, or even by a military judge alone. The jury consists of at least five members and requires a two-thirds vote for conviction. If convicted, the same two-thirds vote is required for an agreed upon sentence. Any conviction by this court is considered a federal offense and will remain on an individual's record for life.

Penalties for convictions can be severe, from a dishonorable discharge, to the death penalty. General Courts Martial are not light matters and must be treated as vitally important situations to be handled by the best legal defense you can obtain. With our years of experience from our highly qualified attorneys, we are confident we can provide you with the best possible defense for your circumstance. Contact our office today for immediate response and handling of your case.

If facing a General Courts Martial, don't delay! Immediately contact Military Justice International for aggressive legal counsel.