Military War Crimes Lawyer

Facing criminal charges?

When our military service members face attacks and brutality from insurgents and enemies in a combat arena, actions may need to be taken to protect the life of not only themselves, but their comrades. Many times these actions must be taken at a moment's notice, without the luxury of time to make a more well thought out decision.

Sometimes, actions can lead to accusations of war crimes. If you are facing such an accusation, it is vital to retain the services of a military criminal defense attorney to ensure you receive the best defense possible. Our firm is proud to provide our dedicated servicemen with the legal representation they deserve when charged for any war crime. Some offenses considered as war crimes in a combat area include: rape, murder, violation of the Geneva Convention as regards to POWs, or violation of the Rules of Engagement.

About War Crimes

War crimes cases are extremely touchy and need the most professional legal advice and resources to defend them properly. Very often they are blown up in the media, where they tend to convict someone publicly without the benefit of any type of investigation of facts. The military legal system itself can leave a service member feeling inadequately represented due to the nature of the charges.

At Military Justice International we have the talented and dedicated military defense lawyers you need that will provide you with aggressive and caring representation for any war crimes charge. Our legal team has years of experience in military law, having former JAG Officers who are not only familiar with military law, but strong civilian prosecutors and defense attorneys in criminal matters.

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