Civilian Counsel

Military Justice attorneys ensure you know your rights and bring experience to your defense.

The Manual for Courts Marital and the United States Constitution guarantee you the right to counsel and to civilian counsel at all stages in your legal proceeding. Contact us early in the process to protect your rights!

Article 32 investigations: Civilian Counsel: The accused may be represented by civilian counsel at no expense to the United States. Upon request, the accused is entitled to a reasonable time to obtain civilian counsel and to have such counsel present for the investigation. However, the investigation shall not be unduly delayed for this purpose. Representation by civilian counsel shall not limit the rights to military counsel. (R.C.M.)

Court-Martial: In general: The accused has the right to be represented before a general or special court-martial by civilian counsel if provided at no expense to the Government, and either by the military counsel detailed under Article 27 or military counsel of the accused's own selection, if reasonably available. The accused is not entitled to be represented by more than one military counsel. (R.C.M.)

If you are notified about criminal charges against you, or a pending investigation, that means that military investigators and prosecutors have probably been working to build a case against you, possibly for many months.

You might be assigned a military defense counsel until after the government's evidence is collected and the investigation is ready for court-martial.

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