Military Defense Lawyers for Assault and Battery Charges

Facing criminal charges in the military?

Assault is normally defined as an attempt or threat to cause harm to someone, whereas battery is the actual physical violence committed against someone. The charge of “assault and battery” is the common term for when an individual assaults someone and causes them harm. A charge of assault and battery in the military can carry serious consequences, resulting in an Article 32 investigation leading to a General Courts-Martial.

If the assault consists of domestic violence, the serviceman charged can tend to be pre-judged as guilty due to the nature of the crime. When facing this type of a charge, you do not want to risk your freedom and future by relying on an inexperienced military appointed attorney, whose inexperience could result in severe penalties, jail time, or a dishonorable discharge, should you be convicted.

Retaining a private, civilian military criminal defense lawyer who has years of experience in military law is essential in presenting a strong defense on your behalf. Accordingly, you should work with an attorney from Military Justice International as soon as possible.

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Due to the severe consequences of an assault and battery charge, we encourage you to contact our law firm as soon as possible. If we are able to begin your defense during the Article 32 investigation, there is a much greater likelihood of having your penalties reduced or even dismissed, depending on the evidence we are able to gather on your behalf.

Remember, having a lifelong criminal record, losing your career, and possibly going to jail (in addition to other severe penalties) is not the outcome you need. An experienced military attorney is indispensable to developing evidence for your side of the case as well as dismantling the case that has been made against you. We urge you to contact us immediately. We are worldwide defense lawyers who are available whenever you need us.

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