DUI / Drunk Driving In the Military

Facing a Military DUI

Although a DUI (driving under the influence) is frowned upon, whether in civilian society or in the military, the consequences of facing a DUI charge while serving in the military are normally more severe. Any charge for DUI can be tried through a court-martial, which has stricter guidelines than states do. Most states have a legal limit of allowable alcohol in the blood stream as measured by a breathalyzer test. In the military, if it is found that any amount of alcohol impaired your ability to drive a vehicle, you are considered and can be charged with DUI. It does not matter how small an amount of alcohol you had in your blood stream.

With this in mind, it is best to have a military criminal defense attorney representing your interests in any legal proceeding. You may be appointed uniformed counsel; however, most appointed counsels have no more than two three years’ experience – not enough to properly defend your case. It is not worth the risk of your freedom and future due to an inexperienced attorney. Our legal team has an extensive background in military law and can provide you with an excellent defense.

Defense Lawyer Military Service Members

Military DUI convictions carry stronger penalties than civilian convictions. Sentences could result in a dishonorable discharge, demotion, pay deductions, fines or imprisonment. For someone hoping to make a career in the military, this can certainly end it due to being discharged. Not only will this ruin your reputation, but you could lose all benefits as well. Don't risk the dire consequences of a DUI conviction because of inadequate legal counsel. Our aggressive and caring legal team has former JAG Officers who know the drill in a military legal setting and can be available to you anywhere in the world you may need us. Contact us today.

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