Military Drug Crime Lawyers

Positive Drug Test Results

Whether you are a civilian or in the military, a prosecution for drug charges can be devastating to your life and family. When a member of the military is given a urinalysis test for illegal drugs and tests positive, he or she will face adverse action that will very likely lead to the termination of his or her military career. It can also lead to possible federal conviction and confinement.

There are several ways in which a urinalysis test can be ordered. They can be performed randomly, 100%-unit tested, by consent, or directed by command (which must be based on probable cause). Many cases are found to be innocently tested positive, and there can be many reasons for this which may provide you with a valid defense. The most successful defenses are innocent ingestion or issues with the collection and testing procedures themselves. Several years ago there was a problem with a military base's testing facility that led to several employees being incorrectly terminated.

However, being charged for drug offenses is a very serious matter. It is strongly recommended that you seek a military criminal defense attorney who can present the most aggressive and well-planned defense on your behalf. If you, a friend, or a relative has tested positive for drugs, it is crucial that you seek out a competent legal team. The attorneys at Military Justice International have JAG experience and know military law. Our caring staff will help you through this difficult time and provide you with the best defense possible.

About Drug Offenses

A drug offense refers to the possession, use, sale, or furnishing of any drug, intoxicating substance, or drug paraphernalia that is prohibited by law. Many drug offenses are considered felonies. There are serious consequences to these charges, which can lead to lifetime effects including jail time, dishonorable discharge and future employment and career problems.

If you are in the military and find yourself facing a drug allegation and in need of legal counsel, placing your defense with a military-appointed attorney might not be your best available option. You have the right to choose your own attorney, whether it is an appointed one or a civilian attorney you wish to retain independently. The final result of your charges can depend on the experience level of the attorney you choose to represent you. It is therefore imperative that you retain our firm to provide you with the excellent skill and resources we have available to defend you wherever you are stationed. Contact us today to allow us to begin your defense.

If you have tested positive for drugs or have been charged in the military, contact Military Justice International right away!