Military Officer Misconduct

Consequences of Officer Misconduct

As with any other military service personnel, misconduct by an officer is a serious matter. However, when an officer is accused of misconduct, it is generally considered more severe due to the expectations of responsibility an officer is held to in the military. Any charges for misconduct would follow the Uniform Code of Military Justice and applicable military law. This could include Non-Judicial Punishment, Court Martial, a Board of Inquiry, Detachment for Cause.

If you are an officer facing allegation, it is in your best interests to retain a civilian military criminal defense lawyer to represent you. Although you may be assigned a uniformed attorney, they are often inexperienced and may have never actually been in a trial setting. Military laws are complex and require expertise and resources you may not be provided. As your reputation, freedom and future are at stake, it is best to avail yourself of an experienced and skilled legal team that has the expertise to provide you with an excellent defense.

Premiere Military Defense Lawyer Working for You

When faced with officer misconduct charges, investigation of the facts and preparing a good defense is key to obtaining a successful outcome. Cases involving officers carry uniquely complex challenges of potential command or political influence. It is therefore very important to begin the process as soon as possible to avoid the possibility of more serious consequences.

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