Expert Witness Requests

Although sexual assault trials often come down to the credibility of an accuser against the accused and are often referred to as “he said, she said” cases for this reason, such a term minimized the opportunity and necessity of supporting witnesses and even expert witnesses for each side of the trial.

It is not uncommon for sexual assault cases to require expert testimony from a sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE), a toxicologist to examine the influence of alcohol or drugs on an accuser or accused, a medical doctor, an expert investigator, a false confession expert, or a forensic psychologist familiar with sexual-assault victim behavior during or after an alleged sexual assault. With the increasing use of technology, there is often a need to work with a computer forensics expert to retrieve and examine records of e-mail correspondence, social networking archives, text message records, or digital photographs that may help to support the defense or prosecution because of prior statements about the accusation by the alleged victim or suspect.