Sex Offender Registration Requirements Post-Discharge

International Military Sex Crime Defense Lawyers

Before you plead guilty to any charge-- you should consult with an experienced MJI Attorney about your post discharge requirements to register as a sex offender in your home state. All states have different and complicated sex offender registration requirements and your detailed military defense attorney is unlikely to be able to advise you on your home state's registration requirements.

Our military criminal defense lawyers assist clients with detailed analysis and comprehensive oversight of the plea bargain process to ensure that sex offender registration requirements are understood once a service member is discharged from military service. It is absolutely crucial that an MJI attorney review any proposed plea bargain or negotiated plea with the Government prior to its acceptance.

Oftentimes, the nature of a guilty plea to a specific type of charge (i.e. Article 120) will implicate sex offender registration requirements, but in many cases of assault, the types of words contained in the specification will also implicate sex offender registration requirements (i.e. "breast", "buttocks", "groin"). In some cases, it may be too late to avoid these registration requirements once a service member has unknowingly pled guilty and been discharged from service -- only to receive notice from their home state that they are now considered a sex offender and required to register on a public sex offender registration list.

Early action by a MJI attorney can avoid these unknowing and dire consequences. For a summary of each state's sex offender registries, please see the article below supplied by the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics.