Military Criminal Defense Attorney

Defense for Sexual Misconduct in the Military

Sexual Misconduct is defined by the military as, "A sexual act or acts in violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice that occur between consenting adults, in private, whether on or off a military installation. It does not include any sexual act or acts that involve allegations of force, coercion, or intimidation; under the age of 16; abuse of position or rank..."

Therefore, there is a distinction between Sexual Misconduct and Sexual Assault as defined in military law. Sexual harassment has yet another definition and as you can see, these action can become very confusing and appear intertwined with each other. This only makes matters worse when one is trying to find out the truth in a sexual misconduct case.

Because military law is quite different than civilian law, it poses additional complexities that someone who is not highly experienced may inadequately address. Also, since many cases involve one who is in the military, a recruiter or possibly a recruit who is a civilian and hasn't joined yet, there can be even further complications.

It is therefore recommended that you seek a military criminal defense attorney who can present the most aggressive and well planned out defense on your behalf. Having an attorney who is well versed in military law is a must if you hope to avoid severe penalties.

When you need Military Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you are in the military and find yourself in a situation where you need legal counsel, placing your defense with a military appointed attorney might not be your best option. Out of the many military attorneys who could be appointed to you there is a good chance they will have had less than two or three years of actual trial experience; yours could even be their first trial. Do not take risks with your future and freedom; it is in your best interests to obtain the best legal counsel you can. With the extensive experience our legal firm has in military law, you can trust that we will present the most aggressive and thorough defense on your behalf.

When faced with sexual misconduct charges in the military, contact Military Justice International right away!