Correction of Military Records

Military Defense Lawyer Assisting With Correction of Military Records

When service personnel find errors in their military records that affect their lives, both in and out of the military, or when an injustice in sentencing has occurred, they are entitled to request their records be corrected. Before applying to the Board of Corrections of Military Records (BCMR), all other administrative options to attempt to correct the records must be taken. If you have been convicted, the BCMR allows you to petition to have a sentence modified or reduced, even if it has already been served.

Most corrections should be applied no later than three years after the injustice or error has occurred. The BCMR allows you to petition to have a sentence modified or reduced, if you were convicted, even if the sentence has already been served. The BCMR may also consider physical disability evaluation petitions; removal of negative material from official records; review of NonJudicial Punishment decisions; the restoration of rank, grade, or rating; and characterization of service in cases of administrative separation.

If you find yourself in the position of needing a correction of your military records, finding a qualified military criminal defense attorney to represent you is vital. With our firm's extensive experience in military law issues, we have the competence and knowledge to present your case for review to the BCMR

An injustice in conviction or sentencing can occur in a Military Courts Martial. The BCMR has considerable authority provided by Congress to correct injustices. Although they cannot change a conviction from a courts martial, they may change a sentence through modifying or reducing it for the purposes of clemency.

Focused On Results

When you retain our services, you will find that we focus our attention on obtaining results for our clients. If you are considering filing a petition to the BCMR, you would be best served by allowing our highly experienced and knowledgeable attorneys to prepare for your petition. The presentation of evidence and successful preparation of these requests can be legally and factually complicated.

When the stakes are important, you are much more likely to succeed when you have experienced counsel on your side. The BCMR will likely only accept one petition from you regarding correction, so having a well prepared argument to present is vital for a successful outcome. Submission to the appropriate branch will be done in a timely manner to ensure it is presented within regulatory guidelines.

Our dedicated legal team has years of experience in military law, with several of our attorneys having served as JAG officers in various branches of the military. We are here to serve your interests any time you need us, no matter where in the world you may be stationed. Call us immediately for help with your correction appeal.

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