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When involved in a situation in the military where you are convicted of some form of misconduct or even a crime, your military record will reflect this up until the time you are discharged. If a serviceman is discharged with less than an honorable discharge, this could affect his right to veteran's benefits and employment opportunities, as it remains on a person's record for life. However, prior to leaving the military, a proactive approach can be taken by attempting to fight the bad discharge to prevent this situation from occurring. Requesting an administrative discharge board hearing can be a tool to argue for a better character of discharge to avoid these bad consequences in the future. By using a professional military defense attorney, one has an improved chance of getting the type of discharge changed.

A thorough investigation of the facts, witness statements, and any evidence of what actually occurred to cause the misconduct, can be presented to the discharge hearing board to assist in this regard. It is possible for the review board to upgrade the type of discharge you receive by providing enough proper documentation, via statements from witnesses and parties, who were knowledgeable of the event that caused the misconduct.

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At Military Justice International, we understand how important your military discharge records are. They can impact your future livelihood, as well as medical and other VA benefits you may be entitled to. You cannot allow a negative discharge to go undisputed. You have every opportunity to attempt to improve that discharge by retaining our skilled and knowledgeable military defense lawyers. We have proven successes in helping other military personnel with our experienced attorneys. Our firm has a number of highly qualified legal staff who have been JAG officers in different branches of the military. They are familiar with the system and will know exactly what to do for you. Our team is available to you at a moment's notice, whether you are based in the United States or anywhere in the world. Contact us today for assistance with your discharge hearing.