Article 15 (Non-Judicial Punishment)

Facing an Article 15?

If you are accused of a minor infraction or misconduct in violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), you may face a nonjudicial punishment (NJP). Though you will not have the right to an attorney in these cases, you may elect to have an individual such as a commander or other superior speak on your behalf. Because Article 15 or NJP hearings are held internally, it may be in your best interest to settle the incident at that level.

When you settle, it means that you may either accept the NJP or refuse it and request a courts martial. If you accept the NJP, you no longer have the right to a trial by courts martial. Accepting the NJP allows your commander to basically be the judge and jury over your case; it does not mean you are admitting guilt. Following NJP, however, you could still be processed for administrative separation.

Choosing either option entails presenting appropriate testimony and evidence to defend you. Without proper preparation, a conviction may occur that can lead to penalties and other consequences, including restriction, reduction and forfeitures of pay. To ensure that you are protected at this time, do not wait to enlist the support of an experienced military criminal defense attorney at Military Justice International.

Why You Need a Military Criminal Defense Lawyer

When faced with an NJP charge, your first concern should be to determine exactly what legal steps you need to take to mitigate the actions that can be taken against you. Our highly skilled legal team has years of military defense experience providing excellent representation to numerous military personnel around the world. With our effective and dedicated staff, we are available to you whenever you need us and will fight aggressively to have your charges lessened or dismissed. Contact us if your Article 15 or NJP matter is scheduled to be sent to courts-martial or if you need representation when facing this serious decision.

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