Protection from Forfeiture

International Military Defense Law Firm

If you are accused and convicted of a military crime, you could face "forfeiture of pay." After a court-martial sentence, you could be forced to give up your pay and allowances during any period of parole or confinement. According to 10 USC § 858b - Art. 58b, you could face forfeiture of pay if you receive one of the following sentences:

  • More than six months of confinement
  • Dishonorable discharge
  • Bad-conduct dismissal

"How can I protect my family from forfeiture of pay?"

If you were convicted of a military crime but have dependents (such as a spouse and children), you may be able to avoid forfeiture. During court-martial proceedings, the convening authority has the power to waive forfeiture – but only if you have a good reason.

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