Special Courts Martial Attorneys

The Special Courts Martial is the most commonly used type of courts martial in the military. It is an intermediate court level for charges that are not as severe as in a General Courts Martial. There may not always be an Article 32 investigation prior to this type of courts martial, as it depends on the severity of the crime. This trial is also presided over by a military judge, a prosecutor and a defense counsel as well as a jury, known as court members.

The accused has the option of requesting that the court be composed of at least one-third enlisted personnel, or he may request his trial be tried by a judge alone. When facing charges that result in a Special Court Martial, you would be best served by retaining a military legal defense lawyer to ensure you are competently and skillfully represented.

Although you are entitled to a court-appointed military attorney at no charge, these legal personnel can be inexperienced, which could result in an unnecessary conviction or receiving a harsher penalty than you would have otherwise. Our law firm has extensive legal experience handling military matters worldwide and can be available for your defense wherever you are located internationally.

Military Criminal Defense Lawyer Handling Courts Martial

When facing a Special Court-Martial, you will be looking at the possibility of stiff penalties and even confinement if convicted. Conviction requires a two-thirds vote of the jury. If convicted, the sentence also requires a two-thirds vote agreement. This type of court-martial limits the maximum sentence to no more than one year of imprisonment.

There can also be penalties levied, such as giving up two-thirds of basic monthly pay for one year or receiving a bad conduct discharge. A conviction will result in a criminal history on the individual’s record for the rest of his or her life.

When facing a Special Court-Martial, obtaining qualified legal counsel who have the experience and know-how to aggressively pursue a strong defense on your behalf is vital. Don’t delay in contacting our office for competent and caring legal help any time you need it.

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