Veteran's Affairs Claims Process

Military Attorneys Providing VA Claims Assistance

As a veteran of the armed forces, you are entitled to certain VA benefits, such as medical and disability benefits. Your dependents (or, in the case of a deceased veteran, the veteran’s survivors) can also make a claim for benefits. In filing a claim, you may have to provide evidence to substantiate your claim. Once your claim is submitted to a Regional Office, they have a duty to respond by providing a decision on the claim.

The claim will either be granted or denied, and a written notice to that effect will be mailed to you. Whether your claim is granted or denied, an appeal can be made either to increase the benefits percentage or to dispute the denial. A Notice of Disagreement must be filed in writing within one year of the rating decision. Once filed, a Statement of Case will be received from the Regional Office explaining why they made their decision. At this point a person filing a claim must submit a VA Form 9 to the Regional Office within a strict time period.

As can be seen, the VA Claims process can be complex and confusing. Filing periods are crucial to obtaining a successful outcome to any claim presented. An appeals process requires proper documentation presented in a complete and thorough manner in order to provide a resolution favorable to the veteran or their dependents. Having a military lawyer prepare and oversee this appeal and documentation greatly increases the chances of obtaining benefits.

Obtaining VA Benefits

When faced with needing medical or disability benefits as a veteran or a veteran's dependent or survivor, having the knowledge and skill to properly present the required documentation to the correct department in a timely manner is crucial to the approval of your claim. Having helped numerous veterans in obtaining benefits, our experienced legal team is very familiar with all the ins and outs of the filing process and knows exactly what is needed by the VA. With our worldwide representation, we are able to help you internationally, anywhere you may reside and need military defense assistance. We urge you to contact us right away, as there are strict time limits on the claims filing process.

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