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Case Dismissed at Trial:

 Client charged with assault.

Case Dismissed Before Trial:

 Client charged with Felony Kidnapping.

Case Dismissed Before Trial:

 Client charged by DEA in felony international drug ring.

Case Dismissed Before Trial:


Client charged with multiple felony charges of Sexual Assault in a Date Rape case.

Case Dismissed:

 Client charged with Assault (domestic Violence) against ex-girlfriend.

Case Dismissed:

 Client charged with assault in a bar.

Case Dismissed:


Client charged with Violation of a Protection Order (Domestic Violence) by his ex-girlfriend.

Case Dismissed:

 Iraq/Kuwait – Sergeant in Iraq charged witth 8 specs of Sexual Assault. NO incarceration – NO sexual offender registration – NO criminal history – NO guilty pleas/ administratively discharged.

Case Dismissed:


Solider charged with 6 specs of absence without leave – selling or disposing of military property – 1 spec of larceny. NO incarceration – NO criminal history – NO guilty plea to any criminal charges – NO felony conviction. Administratively discharged.

Case Dismissed:


Solider charged with 3 specs of UA, 1 spec of disrespect to a superior commissioned officer, 1 spec of disobeying an officer and 3 specs of assault of a noncommissioned officer. NO incarceration, NO criminal history, NO guilty plea to any criminal charges, NO felony conviction. Administratively discharged.

Dismissal of All Felony Charges:

 Client charged with Felony Sexual Assault and Aggravated Intimidation of a Victim.

Downward Departure Obtained:

 Federal Court- Client charged with Bank Fraud charges.

Not Guilty at Trial

 Client charged in bar fight where a special forces solider was killed.

Not Guilty by Jury Trial:


Client charged with Indecent Exposure and Sex Offender Registry violations.

Not Guilty by Jury Trial:


Client charged with Felony Vehicular Homicide.

Not Guilty by Jury Trial:


Client charged with assault and harassment.

Not Guilty by Jury Trial:


Client charged with embezzling funds

Not Guilty by Jury Trial:

 Client charged with Criminal Mischief and Disorderly Conduct.


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At Cantafio & Song PLLC, our methods are strategic and our results are proven. Watch our videos to learn more about the aggressive strategies we employ in defense of the military members we represent across the nation.

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International Military
Criminal Defense Attorneys

Firepower in the Courtroom

The international military criminal defense lawyers at our firm believe in the presumption of innocence and are dedicated to defending the rights of the accused. At Military Justice International, we believe in our clients and are relentless defenders of those accused of a crime. When you face disciplinary action, an administrative board hearing, or even a military court-martial, you deserve to be represented by highly trained, aggressive UCMJ attorneys who know how to protect your freedom, career, rank, retirement and reputation.

Although the UCMJ will provide you with a uniformed attorney, you are taking chances with your freedom, discharge status, and other future ramifications outside the military. While these attorneys can be dedicated and energetic, most are likely inexperienced.

Our firm is so prominent and well-known worldwide that the military chooses us to train their young military prosecutors and defense attorneys. Don't take chances with your future - you have the right to retain experienced civilian UCMJ attorneys. Our firm has helped military personnel around the world and has highly skilled attorneys to work along with your uniformed counsel to provide you with the best possible representation and the best possible result!

International Criminal Defense Firm Serving the Military

  • Worldwide Representation
  • Former Military Members
  • Experienced Trial Attorneys

Serving the Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force and Coast Guard, our international criminal defense team has the ability and resources to provide highly qualified legal counsel, no matter where in the world a client is located. When you retain our services to defend your military case, you can rest assured you will get results, not vain promises or fancy salesmanship talk. We fight to win and decimate our opponents.

With the experienced and aggressive UCMJ trial attorneys at Military Justice International, we can provide you with legal representation in all military, criminal and administrative matters in the United States and worldwide.

As former active duty, reserve, and retired Marine Corps, Navy and Army JAG attorneys, we have the knowledge to provide military members with unmatched representation through the entire justice process. As former prosecutors, we have courtroom expertise that surpasses most JAG backgrounds.

Whether you have been charged with drunk driving, drug charges, sexual assault or even homicide, we will use our experience of over 500 trials and countless contested hearings to provide you with aggressive defense during the UCMJ process.

When faced with any legal situation while in the military, do not act without a lawyer present. For your best defense, do not sign anything or make any statements that could ultimately affect the outcome of your case. This is a critical time - a time when you’ll need a skilled UCMJ attorney on your side. Aligning yourself with the right lawyer should be done as early as possible, well before the Article 32 hearing or referral of charges to court-martial.

Contact a military criminal defense lawyer from our firm as soon as possible to see how we can help you!

Our Mission

Quite simply, we are committed to producing results in your case. We believe in the presumption of innocence, and we are relentless defenders of those accused of a crime. We obtain acquittals, dismissal of cases, and dismissal of charges. If you accept a plea bargain, we will do everything possible to make sure that your sentence is minimized, so you can move on with your life.

We recognize that every client's case is as different as an individual's own DNA; therefore, our trial teams build defense strategies based solely on the specific merits of your case. Our military attorneys have many years of experience in military law and trying cases. We are not afraid to take cases to trial and win, and you can rest assured that we will bring firepower to the courtroom.

We are committed to using every resource possible to achieve the best possible outcome in your case. At the heart of our firm is an outstanding military trial defense team that provides the kind of representation usually reserved for the "super wealthy." We relentlessly strive to bring superior trial skills and experience to every client's case.

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